The OMNIconnect Data Centre


Located 35Kms from the CBD in Melbourne's south east, the OMNIconnect Data Centre (OCDC) is an ideal new home for your critical servers and applications.


FACTSHEET: What Makes OCDC Different from other data centres?



Update: Last rack (47RU) available in Data Suite 2 (DS2). Please contact us if you are interested in reserving space.



To meet the growing need for data centre space in Melbourne, OMNIconnect has extended the OCDC to house 50 more racks.


Due to the increase in high density servers, the demand for racks that can power greater than 2 or 3 kilowatts is now becoming the norm. Many other inner city data centres are simply not able to meet both these demands of power and space.

If you are looking at consolidating your hosted IT infrastructure, have a need for your servers to be located outside of the CBD 'risk zone' to meet compliance requirements, or just want to consolidate your servers in to adjacent racks for convenience, then we encourage you to consider hosting with us.


A focal point with the expansion of the OCDC has been on using innovative and environmentally responsible techniques to reduce carbon emissions such, as "free cooling" via air economisation and reduced power consumption via energy efficient "80 Plus" power supplies.



Location. OMNIconnect Data Centre


Strategically located 35Km outside of the CBD risk zone, the OCDC provides an ideal disaster recovery centre due to it's diverse network paths, multi-homed Internet and easy access to the city via the newly constructed EastLink freeway.


Optical fibre and Microwave radio connections provide both physical, and technological diversity resulting in best possible network availability.


If you would like to pre-register your space in our Data Centre, please contact us for more information, or visit our Rackspace and Colocation page.


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