At OMNIconnect we are proud of what we do and how we do it. The following are some of our client's testimonials, expressing their feelings of our products and services.

Although the below testimonials are very favorable towards OMNIconnect, they have not been fabricated in any way and are all genuine and very real customers.

However, for reasons of privacy we have withheld certain information. However upon request, we would be happy to put you in contact with the appropriate people at each of these reference sites.


This is what they say...




We decided to use OMNIConnect based on their fantastic value and personalised services. With directors of our company having experience with large US based data centres as well as Port Melbourne DCs, we found OMNIConnects boutique data centre to be extremely well equipped. It’s mix of redundancy and backup infrastructure as well as service you don’t find with larger DCs set it apart. Their willingness to work with clients and to charge for actual power usage was a great advantage for an expanding company like ours.
Since moving into OMNIConnect we’ve been extremely happy, with knowledgeable and friendly staff willing to help. Our transition into the DC was smooth and our visits since have been quick and easy. Their primary network engineer has been fantastic helping us ensure out network is setup in the best manner possible.
Based on our experience we would definitely recommend the OMNIConnect data centre as one of, if not the best value data centre in Melbourne.



Will Kruss



I love dealing with Omniconnect because of the personal touch they put into a technical industry. They are always quick to respond, they give me the information I need and make website and server hosting easy!!! I would definitely recommend them to those wanting trustworthy server and website hosting. I don’t know any other Australian companies whos expertise and customer support comes close.



Felicity Bracegirdle
Metrix Operations


I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you and your company for the excellent service you have provided to 101 Collins St Pty Ltd over the past decade in the role of our Internet services provider.

101 Collins Street is the premier office building in Melbourne and prides itself in delivering premium services to our clients.

As such we seek out the best service providers in all areas to assist us to ensure that our motto of “Real Service – Not Lip Service” is a reality.

Omniconnect has demonstrated a superior level of service and efficiency in the delivery of Internet services to 101 Collins Street and we are proud to be associated with you to this end.

We look forward to our ongoing relationship with your excellent company.



Peter Young
General Manager
101 Collins Street Pty Ltd


[Company name withheld] engaged the services of OMNIconnect in 1999 for basic internet connectivity and web hosting services. OMNIconnect presented a compelling and reassuring service offering at a time when our existing ISP was moving away from internet services. A clearly structured plan was established for the move and executed with minimal disruption to business.

In the nearly 10 years that [Company name withheld] has been with OMNIconnect, our company has grown substantially and this has regularly required quick and innovative solutions from OMNIconnect in order to meet both internal and external customer expectations. From fast turnaround of additional web servers to metropolitan wireless microwave links, OMNIconnect have consistently delivered a high level of service. When urgent changes are required or the odd technical difficulty arises, it is the ability to get straight through to the OMNIconnect engineers that really makes a difference. We value this enormously.

For quality and timely service delivery, OMNIconnect is highly recommended. Their team of friendly sales and engineering staff are skilled at delivering a wide range of hosting and networking services that are backed up by terrific customer service.



IS Infrastructure & Security Manager
[Multi-national Company Withheld]


OMNIconnect has given us a hassle free solution for the past 11 years. [College Name] had little option but to go to a Wireless Solution and we have had no regrets in partnering up with OMNIconnect to provide us with a solution.

We have been very impressed with the quality and service that all the team at OMNIconnect has provided and the ongoing support they have given to me and our school. Nothing is ever a hassle and they are always willing to do whatever it takes to make sure [College Name] had a fast and reliable internet service.

[College Name] curriculum relies heavily on having reliable internet and we have had little to no outages over the past 11 years. We take for granted how reliable our internet in this day and age and it is one less thing we need to worry about.

Spam email has always been an issue with us and the team at OMNIconnect has come up with a spam filtering solution that has almost eliminated all spam email before it gets to the school.

We have no hesitations in recommending OMNIconnect to provide internet services and if you need a partner to work with and not just an ISP they are the people you need.



Network Administrator
[College Name Withheld]


We chose OMNIconnect because they offered a high grade symmetrical wireless service at a price that could not be matched by any other provider.

The connection has been highly reliable with no perceptible drop out. When their onsite wireless equipment needed repair the response was extremely rapid and hardware upgrades have been provide at no additional cost. Support either by phone or email has been good at all times, queries are always well received and answered.

We also benefit from their technical expertise with a fully managed firewall.

Overall the service is excellent and I would not hesitate in recommending OMNIconnect because they listen to their customers and provide what is needed in a timely fashion.



Network Administrator
[College Name Withheld]


OMNIConnect have hosted the Victorian Government's suite of five
web sites - [Site Names withheld] - since July 2005. This is our second contract with OMNIConnect.

While OMNIConnect was originally recommended to us through our technical advisers, over the past two-and-a-half years we have experienced first hand OMNIConnect's reliability, professionalism and customer focus.

The OMNIConnect team is quick to respond to queries, takes immediate action
if support is required and can explain service solutions without hiding
behind a wall of technical jargon. I would have no problem in recommending
OMNIConnect's services.



Web Manager
[Government Department Name Withheld]



I am writing to express my delight with the current service from OMNIconnect.

Prior to connection with OMNIconnect, our college was using an ISP which had constant "downtime", very little support, slow connection and was almost the same cost as OMNIconnect. Now we have fast Internet access, great support, and access from home, using dial in accounts.

At first [College Name Removed] College's only interest in OMNIconnect was to link it's two campuses via [a wireless link]. After visiting [Another College] College and witnessing the Internet speed and reliability, we began to consider the possibility of having the same. Our students and staff now enjoys fast Internet access throughout the College. Our staff now also have Internet access from home, which has opened up new possibilities i.e. Reporting from home etc.

I was especially impressed by the after hours calls from OMNIconnect Ballarat, which alerted me to an incorrect setting on my computer. The support offered by OMNIconnect has been a welcome change.



LAN Administrator
[College Name Withheld]



We cannot speak too highly of the services provided to us by
OMNIconnect. Having been left high and dry one Friday night by another
support Co with our service in tatters and not functioning at all, a call to
OMNIconnect on the Saturday morning saw their Chief Technician, Graeme Lee, spend several hours on the phone with one of our partners, rebuilding our servers from scratch and connecting them to OMNIconnect's system in Melbourne. They then set up their file servers etc to accommodate [client name withheld].

Regardless of the time or day we speak to either their Director - Peter
Hutton - or any of their staff, we are greeted in a most professional
manner, straight to the point and any problem rectified. Their advice as to how we should upgrade was taken and we have never regretted the move as we now have a very fast, stable and reliable service.

The recommendations we are getting from current users has resulted in many new registrations daily. To average 3 new connections a day in a town of 4,200 speaks for itself. They have always supported us when experiencing problems with the big Telco's and we are looking forward to a long association with OMNIconnect"



[ISP Name withheld]













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