Service Level Agreement (SLA)

This document describes the OMNIconnect Service Level Agreement (SLA) for OMNIconnect Business Grade Customers. It covers the service assurance of network and data centre services. The SLA applies to OMNIconnect Services in accordance with the Customer Service Agreement and General Terms and Conditions.

Service Level Agreement Updated: July 6th, 2011

Definitions and Interpretations

"Access" the telecommunication carriageway access method via Wireless and/or DSL services.

"Basic Access" refers to all business grade DSL, unlicensed wireless microwave links and all OMNIconnect Regional services.

"Business Days" are weekdays, excluding Public Holidays.

"Business Hours" are 9:00am to 5:30pm weekdays excluding Public Holidays.

"By a mutual agreement" means OMNIconnect to analyse the fault and within 2 days will advise our analysis and a proposed restoration time to be agreed with the Customer.

"Charges" means the prices set out in Customer Order Form and Miscellaneous Pricing as available on the applicable Website page.

"CPE" is OMNIconnect’s equipment installed at Customer site for provision of services.

"Customer" is the business customer whom has entered in an Agreement with OMNIconnect.

"Data Centre" means the area within OMNIconnect’s premises that hosts OMNIconnect’s and other third party co-located equipment.

"Fault" means a failure in the normal operation of the Services.

"Fault Response Time" means the period of time between a failure in the normal operation of a Service being reported to the OMNIconnect Contact Number by the Customer and a response from OMNIconnect acknowledging the report.

"Fault Restoration Time" means the period of time between OMNIconnect determining that a reported failure in the normal operation of Service is a Fault and repair of the Fault by OMNIconnect.

"Hosting" refers to all managed hosted services and colocation outside of the OCDC.

"Incorrect Callout" means a callout associated with a fault, reported by the Customer, that is found to be in a network or equipment owned or maintained by any organization or individual other than OMNIconnect.

"Metropolitan and Regional" are typically within the boundaries of state and territory capital cities. Regional areas are areas outside Metropolitan areas.

"OCDC" OMNIconnect Data Centre primary location at Carrum Downs, Victoria.

"Premium Access" refers to all Hosting, Fibre and Business Grade Licensed Microwave Links.

"Premium Contact Number" is a specific phone number provided to Customers who have a written arrangement within the Agreement to access Premium Support with the on-call engineer outside of Business Hours.

"Planned outage" is the periodic pre-announced occurrence when a network element will be taken out of service for maintenance or upgrade.

"Service Period" means a period in which OMNIconnect provides response to Support Requests for Access Services during Business Hours or Premium Access 24 hours a day, and initiates action to achieve service restoration target in accordance with this SLA.

"Service Unavailable or Outage" means a service problem in the OMNIconnect network that severely affects the Service so that a network path is considered to be inaccessible if either:

Either of the above conditions requires immediate corrective action.

"Service Intermittent" means a service problem in the OMNIconnect network that affects the Service having either less than 50% packet loss or repeated short outages and requires immediate attention.

"Service Incident" means a minor problem that does not significantly affect the Customer service and does not require immediate attention.

"Support Request" means a call from the Customer after they have been unable to restore the Service with the Level 1 support following the procedures defined in the OMNIconnect document titled “OMNI troubleshoot ”. This includes verification that in the case of a DSL CPE modem is not faulty.

This document describes the OMNIconnect Service Level Agreement (SLA) for OMNIconnect Business Grade Customers. It covers the service assurance of network and data centre services. The SLA applies to OMNIconnect Services in accordance with the Customer Service Agreement and General Terms and Conditions.

OMNIconnect is a broadband access and data centre company that provides business grade services backed up by a Service Level Agreement.

OMNIconnect is committed to total service delivery. This SLA covers elements of the OMNIconnect service that include elements outside the direct control of OMNIconnect . Further, the SLA is a living document that evolves over time with Customers’ requirements, and the introduction of new OMNIconnect services. This Service Level Agreement (SLA) defines service assurance uptime (network and power) of 99.9% and performance parameters. Should these parameters not be met, rebates may apply.

The areas covered by this agreement are:

OMNIconnect's service assurance obligations do not extend to faults caused as a result of:

This SLA does not cover products and services of OMNIconnect that are not covered specifically in this document, including but not limited to Dial-up, Email and Domain services, Backup and Wireless Broadband Residential. SLA is not applicable if at the time of Support Request the Customer account payment is not up to date.

Network or Power Unavailability does not include any unavailability resulting from:

This SLA means a multiple access network will not attract service unavailability rebates being applied to a single access service that has not met the SLA.

OMNIconnect may, but is not obliged to, provide the Customer with on-site technical support. Charges apply where support is provided and will be charged at the then current rate, obtainable from OMNIconnect upon request. OMNIconnect reserves the right to repair faults at the customer’s expense.

OMNIconnect may access Customer content and other parts of the service as necessary to identify and resolve technical problems or to respond to service complaints.

Remote Eyes and Remote Hands
Remote Eyes and Remote Hands is defined as a check and relaying to Customer the status of the physical Equipment, the lights showing and what is displayed on the screen as requested by Customer during Business Hours. Requests beyond these defined actions is deemed as chargeable technical support.

The limit to remote hands and eyes is 10 events per month with an event defined as one requested actions as mentioned above being performed at one time. Events in excess of 10 per month are chargeable as per the published rates.

Liability of OMNIconnect
For installations where the CPE is supplied and installed by OMNIconnect, OMNIconnect is not responsible for:

OMNIconnect's Business Hours of operation
OMNIconnect's Business Hours of operation are 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM Monday – Friday, excluding Public Holidays when the Network Operations Centre (NOC) is available to provide support requests and to arrange callouts to meet the service restoration objectives of this Service Level Agreement.

For Customers that have Premium Service Support 24 hours a day, these will be provided with the Premium Contact Number for priority service outside of business hours.

Service Assurance

Support Request Response Time
Customers are responsible for isolation and rectification of service faults within Customer Equipment or Customer network. In cases where the Customer believes that the fault is not in the Customer Equipment or network but in the OMNIconnect Network, the Customer must lodge a Support Request with OMNIconnect on the Access Contact Number (03) 9770 3333 or via and is answered immediately during Business Hours.

Premium Service Support is available on a priority number provided with 24 hour support. Response time is immediate during Business Hours and one hour outside Business Hours.

Network availability guarantee
The target Network availability is a minimum of 99.9% per month. The demarcation endpoints for SLA responsibility is the OMNIconnect CPE Ethernet port to the Internet gateway. The network availability is defined as the percentage of time each service is available in a single month.

Access Availability = (Total Hours for month – Outage Hours)/(Total Hours for month) x 100

Fault Response Time
Fault Response Time is the time taken by OMNIconnect to acknowledge a fault reported during the Service Period within Business Hours.

Target fault response times are set out in the tables below:

Business Access (Wireless and DSL) Target Fault Response Time

Premium Access (Hosting, Fibre, Microwave) Target Fault Response Time

Fault Restoration Time
Fault Restoration Time is the time taken by OMNIconnect to return the service to full working order from time of Fault Call, and may include field support.
Where a fault is reported outside Business Hours the restoration target begins at start of business the following day and is subject to OMNIconnect having access the Customer’s Site

Basic Access Target Fault Restoration Time

Premium Access Target Fault Restoration Time

Monthly Service Fee Rebate
Where a fault is attributed to the OMNIconnect Network and any individual Access service is unavailable for a period exceeding the target restoration period, then the Customer account for the particular service in which failure has occurred, will be credited as follows:

Basic Access Service Unavailability Rebate
(Rebate only applicable to recurring monthly fees on individual Access services)

Premium Access Service Unavailability Rebate
The SLA availability for Premium Access customers is 99.95% whereby after the target restoration period, rebates start to apply:
(Rebate only applicable to recurring monthly fees on individual Access services)

Services not covered by rebates
Monthly network unavailability rebate does not apply to:

OMNIconnect Data Centre (OCDC) Availability Guarantee
All colocation services located at our OMNIconnect Data Centre (Carrum Downs location) is covered under this OCDC availability guarantee SLA.
The target Data Centre availability for co-location services is 99.98% per month. The demarcation point for SLA responsibility is at the Ethernet port. If the OCDC unavailability exceeds 8 minutes, rebates for the services related to colocation at the OCDC may apply.
OCDC unavailability is expressed as a percentage of time when the OCDC is available in a calendar month.

OCDC Availability = (Total minutes in month - Outage minutes)/(Total minutes in month) x 100

Services not covered by rebates
Monthly OCDC unavailability rebate does not apply to:

Link Latency Availability Guarantee
The target link latency across the OMNIconnect network is less than 100ms (measured in 5 minute averages and running at 50% load at the customer end). Degradation beyond this target latency that continues for a period greater than the fault restoration period, will qualify for the following rebates:

Latency Service Level Calculation and Rebates

Rebate Claim Process
OMNIconnect will provide calculations of rebate in response to a written request from the Customer within 14 days of incident.
Multiple claims disallowed, only Service Access Unavailability, Power Unavailability or link latency may be claimed for any one event.

Incorrect Callout Fee
Incorrect callout fee is set out in the table below (ex. GST):

DC Access and Technical Support
Escorted access and/or support for customer equipment (beyond remote hands) located within the OMNIconnect Data Centre (OCDC) may incur the following charges for each 30-minute block or part thereof:

Business Hours Tech Support by appointment: $60
Outside Business Hours Technical Support by appointment: $120
Business Hours OCDC Escorted Access by appointment: No Charge
Outside Business Hours OCDC Escorted Access: $60 call-out fee, $60/30 minutes
Public Holiday Surcharge: $60
Escorted access can be arranged via phone during business hours. After hours critical access can be arranged via the 24x7 NOC number provided to you in your service agreement. An appointment is required at least 30 minutes prior to arrival during business hours, and 60 minutes prior to arrival outside business hours.

Escalation Process

The tables below describe the escalation path for Customers to request escalations:

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