Business Broadband Internet

Better than NBN!

OMNIconnect provides fast and consistently stable business broadband internet that isn’t oversubscribed and comes with a speed guarantee*! Our network is independent of other carriers and consumer grade broadband like the nbn. More: Business Broadband


OCDC. Not your everyday Data Centre.

OCDC isn’t Melbourne’s biggest, most publicised or centrally located data centre…. but we believe that’s a good thing! If you are looking for flexibility, discretion and a location outside the ‘Risk Zone’ to colocate critical servers and data, then a big, well known CBD data centre is probably not for you – but that’s where we can help.  More: Why host at OCDC?

Cloud Virtual Private Servers.

You don’t need to own a data centre or even a server to host applications, web or gaming servers. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) means you can let us worry about all that. Virtual Private Servers are just like your own physical server, but they allow you to leverage off our infrastructure and add more resources as you require. More: Take me to the cloud